Will history repeat itself in Victoria?

History of Windmills in Holland

Until the year 1400 AD, Holland consisted of wetlands, swamps and marshes separated from the sea by a belt of dunes. Villages were often destroyed by ravaging floods. In 1421, in a particular bad flood, over 70 villages were washed away and thousands of people drowned. Sea defenses were put up, dams were built and windmills were used to drain the lakes, swamps and wetlands. This dramatically improved living standards. Over the years, more and larger windmills were built and their water-lifting capacity increased. In the 16th century, due to design changes, windmills were used for several different purposes, such as for the production of oil, paper and to saw timber. Saw mills played an important role in the shipbuilding industry, enabling the construction of massive fleets and wth these ships, Holland was able to dominate world trade during the 17th century, known as the ‘Dutch Golden Age’.

Source: TheTravelingDutchman.com

Q. Will history repeat in Victoria?
A. Unlikely.

  • Victoria’s windfarms are built far from water, so they can’t be used to store potential energy
  • Victoria’s Premier refuses to build any dams. He claims that the dams will never fill anyway.
  • But he claims the Windfarms are spawning a new ‘Golden Age’ in Victoria where a vehicle plant at Geelong, which once employed thousands of people is now assembling windfarms using imported components.
  • Victoria has an annual trade deficit of $54b. It won’t become a trading nation while it keeps its wealth underground and imports the energy it needs, both gas and electricity.
  • The Dutch were resourceful and overcame adversity with their ingenuity. Victorians voted for Daniel Andrews.