Daniel Andrews: ‘Dams don’t make rain’

‘Dams don’t make rain’: Daniel Andrews defends drought policy

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has declared that “dams don’t make it rain”, defending his government’s policy of refusing to increase the state’s water storage capacity as he announced more than $31.5m in drought relief funding for Victorian farmers.

Mr Andrews travelled to the Gippsland town of Bairnsdale in Victoria’s east on Wednesday to announce the package, which will include grants for farming families, farm infrastructure, business planning, mental health support, and help for farmers to earn off-farm income.

Asked to respond to calls for his government to invest in dams, Mr Andrews told ABC radio: “Well dams don’t make it rain”.

“Most farmers will tell you that”, Mr Andrews said.

“There are a number of infrastructure projects when it comes to water that are worthy and important and we should get on with them, not be diverted into these silly political debates, instead provide real action and practical support to those who are doing it really tough”.

Source: The Australian

Infrastructure projects eh?